"The Spiritual Guide to Success for Inquisitive, Forward Thinking Souls."
Uncover the Root of God's Purpose for Your Life and Your Legacy.
Get Closer to God by Developing a Faith-Based Relationship with Him.
Use the Included Prosperity Action Plan to Help You Achieve Your Goals.
Find Clarity in Your Spirit About the Issues of Life You Have Been Facing.
Get the Guidance You Have Been Seeking on Pursuing Your Dreams.
Unlock Your Hidden Spiritual Potential, and Create the Life You Deserve.
King’s & Queen’s of Prosperity™ is a special book tailored for all Believer’s that seek wisdom, guidance, spiritual abundance, and a deeper connection with God. 
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Imagine being able to walk in your life's purpose daily with clarity and understanding...
Feel the power of spiritual freedom, happiness, peace, and abundance...
Enjoy the pleasure of a refreshed spirit, along with increased passion and motivation...
"Rise to New Heights and Experience Life the Way God Promised!"
Discover the best places to find valuable wisdom and how to apply it.
Read about the #1 missing component that is hindering your spiritual success.
Learn tactics and techniques to succeed in daily spiritual and mental battles.
Revealed...How to connect with other Believer's to boost your faith.
Truth...Discover what a promise from God means and how to receive it.
Permanently change your life course and get headed in the right direction.
"A Lifetime of Spiritual Success Principles Packed into One Book!"
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